Global Equity Investments – Global Total Return

The Global Total Return Department has a concentrated strategy focused on investment in companies serving rapidly expanding markets and capitalizing on themes that are currently visible. We seek to add value to your portfolio through our own judgment and discipline rather than replicating a global index. Your growth and income goals guide us as we seek to find global investment equities that show sustainable dividend growth.

Why Global?

In a world that has seen an historic shift to global markets, global companies, and global products, a strategy that looks only at “domestic” and “non-domestic” strategies ignores the world before us. Companies now view themselves as global players, and so must investors.

The basis of the Global Total Return strategy is rigorous, fundamental analysis. We narrow our focus, identifying companies that we feel can enhance both the wealth and income of investors over longer holding periods. We seek to invest in companies that:

  • Are well established with experienced management and quality corporate governance practices
  • Have leading, long-lasting competitive positions within their industry
  • Generate substantial and stable cash flows
  • Demonstrate the potential for sustained dividend growth
  • Largely have market caps above $500 million

All investments involve risk and there is no guarantee investment objectives will be met. This information illustrates 1919ic investment capabilities and is not a recommendation of any particular investment strategy.